City of Lumberton, TX GLO 20-065-069-C195/HUD B-17-DM-48-0001 


The proposed project will use Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds provided through the General Land Office’s (GLO) Disaster Recovery Program to facilitate improvements to Flood and Drainage Facilities as well as improvements to Existing City Streets.

The FLOOD and DRAINAGE Facilities shall allow for improvements to approximately 3,800 linear feet (LF) of existing drainage including regrading to original cross section, bank stabilization, concrete lining, and associated appurtenances. 

This project will also provide for the reconstruction of approximately 2,500 LF of existing detention pond levee, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, as well as regrading of associated roadside ditches, utility relocation, replacement of driveway culverts, paving repair, and related appurtenances, and will take place at the following locations: 

  • Kent St. (30.259998, -94.193583) from Horn Rd. to Dan Rd. – approximately 1,600 LF. 
  • Greens Branch (30.261566, -94.1933325) from HWY 96 to E Chance Rd. – approximately 3,800 LF 
  • Horn Rd. (30.257807, -94.193832) from HWY 96 to Village Creek Parkway – approximately 2,670 LF 
  • Dan Rd. (30.259757, -94.192498) from Horn Rd. to Kent Rd. – approximately 1,350 LF 
  • Carolina St. (30.256979, -94.194143) from HWY 96 to Village Creek Parkway. – approximately 2,560 LF The above activities shall benefit 1,292 persons of whom 694 (53.72%) are of Low to moderate income.  

 The STREET IMPROVEMENTS will facilitate repairs to the driving surfaces of approximately 8,409 LF of existing City Streets through rehabilitation of the sub-grade and road base, application of HMAC paving to an approximate width of 18’, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, and all related appurtenances at the following locations: 

  • Mark Loop (30.297108, -94.208589) from North intersection with Michael Lp. to a point approximately 385 LF to the East 
  • Two locations on Michael Loop.  (30.293055, -94.208311) from the South intersection with Taft Ave. to a point East of Mark Lp. – approximately 1,870 LF, and (30.295012, -94.209083)  from a point East of the North intersection of Mark Lp. to the North intersection with Taft Ave. – approximately 2,230 LF. 
  • John Loop (30.295778, -94.213202) from the South intersection with Taft Ave. to the North Intersection with Taft Ave. – approximately 2,534 LF. 
  • Taft Avenue (30.295460, -94.210820) from the South intersection with Michael & John Lp. to the North intersection with Michael & John Lp. – approximately 1,390 LF.   This work will benefit 177 persons of whom 25 (14.12%) are of low to moderate income. This portion of the work meets the Urgent Need National Objective.  

The budget for the project is $2,098,018.00 ($1,472,018.00 for the flood and drainage improvements and $626,000.00 in roadway improvements) all of which will consist of CDBG-DR funds administered by the GLO. 

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