City Of Lumberton
Cost For Public Information

*Accident Reports – $6.00
*Standard paper copy – $.10/page
*Rewritable CD (CD-RW) – $1.00/CD
*Non-rewritable CD (CD-R) – $1.00/CD
*Digital video disc (DVD) – $3.00/DVD
*Oversize paper copy – $.50/copy
*Charge for labor costs incurred in processing a request for public
information is $15/hour. Labor charge includes actual time to locate,
compile, manipulate data, and reproduce the requested information.
*If requesting by mail, you must provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope
for return of documents
*Payment must be in the form of cash, personal check, cashier’s check or
money order and made payable to the Lumberton Police Department
*Reports may only be requested in person or by mail.
*We do not fax reports.